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About Me


My professional career as a massage therapist started when I was 20 years old. I knew I wanted to help people and do something that was healing. I thought to myself, “I just need a sign.” While driving with friends, I looked up and saw a billboard for Austin School of Massage Therapy’s open house. My friends dropped me off and within 5 minutes of walking in, I knew I wanted to be a massage therapist.


Since then I have realized, there is a lack of positive touch in our culture. We are starved for healthy, physical connection. Often consumed with work and family obligations, we seldom stop to take care of ourselves.


In my teens, I sustained an injury, that doctors told me would limit full use of my arm. With perseverance, determination and knowledgeable practitioners, I proved my doctors wrong and recovered. This experience empowered me to be empathetic and learn all I can to be the best practitioner for my clients.


Additionally, I have been a long distance runner since 2000. I have finished the Austin Marathon nine times. As an athlete, I have experience and knowledge of the unique problems runners and athletes face. I help many of my clients prepare for and recover from such events.


I started in the massage therapy field in 1994. I have worked in spas, sports clubs, chiropractic offices and private practice. For the past 12 years, my focus has been on medical massage and helping clients address chronic pain.


Throughout my career, the following types of clients have been drawn to me:


Self-employed entrepreneurs

Chronic pain sufferers

Professional care givers


Pregnant women


Abuse survivors


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist through the State of Texas trained in:


Myofascial release (deep-tissue massage)

Swedish massage

Sports massage

Relaxation massage

Spa massage and treatments


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